Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Content

  • By Siobhan Snaith
  • 21 Sep, 2017

If you have a site, you may think that writing your own content is a great way for you to save money and you may also find that it is a great way for you to say exactly what you need to say. After all, nobody knows your company more than you, right?

The truth is that hundreds of thousands of people write their own website content, and you can usually tell. There could be spelling errors, grammatical errors or even unprofessionalism. Your customers will be able to tell instantly, and it’s a tell-tale sign that your company is cutting corners.

So what do you need to look out for when writing your own content?

Writer’s Block

One of the main reasons why people struggle to write their own content is because of writer’s block. You may know what you need to say, but you don’t know how to say it. On top of this, you may not know where to put certain information as well, and all of this can lead to a jumbled site full of confusing and irrelevant information.

You may find that whatever you say just doesn’t sound “right”.

Hiring a good writer to take care of your content for you will leave you with a site that shines. It is also a great way for you to skip all of the confusion with grammar, and knowing what you should and shouldn’t be saying. A good writer will effectively be able to look into the heart and soul of your company, and come up with text that reflects it perfectly. Whether it is a witty paragraph about the founding partners, a professional statement or even a descriptive text of the benefits your company can offer, you can count on your content writer to really take your site to that next level.

What Might Sound Good To You, Might Not Sound Good To Other People

Writing your own content isn’t easy but when you do manage to get some text down on paper, it still might not sit right with some of your audience. For example, if you are targeting a worldwide audience, you will want to avoid phrases that are suited to the UK specifically. Your audience won’t be able to understand them, and they may think it’s bad wording on your site. A good content writer will be able to construct text that can be understood by countries worldwide, so all you have to do is sit back and let them take care of it. 

Copying your Competitor’s Content

You may be thinking, well why can’t I just copy whatever someone else has written? The problem with this is that Google can penalise you for copying content and they may even blacklist your site. This can cause real issues with your ranking, so it’s something you’ll want to avoid. A good content writer will be able to take inspiration from your competitor’s content, while also coming up with something completely new. This helps your customers to know that you’re telling them things nobody else has, and that you can do what other companies can’t.

If you need a quality content writing service that can bring out of the best in your site, you can get in touch with Content Heroes and we’ll do everything we can to help you. We’ve written for thousands of companies in the past, for hundreds of industries in 50+ countries.

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